Website Design Options

'Basic Website' packages are websites that have a pre-defined template with minimal customisation options. Logos, branding colours, text and images are customisable. Any additional customisations will be billed seperatle and in addition to the package you choose. An Online Contact form is included in all our basic options.


'Responsive Website' packages are websites that we design specifically for you with customisations on just about every element of the site (*excludes customisation of pre-defined elements, these will be billable customisations) The package includes an image slider and 4 modules with custom layout and design. All the 'Responsive Website' packages are Content Managment Systems and you will be given access to the administrator section of your site to further customise and change the content as your wish.  All the 'Responsive Website' packages are also mobile friendly and include a customised Online Contact form. Only on this package are most of the additional components available.

Online Store Component

'Online Store' packages are websites that have all the features of the responsive packages but with the added functionalitiy to sell items online. When added to your package we will do the initial installation and setup of the shopping environement and fully intergrate it into your website so that the end result is a seemless experience for your website visitors and online customers alike.

We will setup the the first 20 products in full and thereafter you can continue to populate your online stores products or we can do so for you at an hourly rate.

There are various payment gateway options availble to you at a cost which can be selected, namely Payfast, Paygate and Paypal.

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Donor Force

Donor Force was developed by Netwise Multimedia to help churches, ministries and NGO's to compete with commercial entities in gaining interest and receiving funds online. Donor Force is a complete online relational donor management system like nothing else out there.

Not only can you manage your donor member information, you can receive online financial gifts, for projects and campaigns; and observe donor giving patterns and history too.

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Events Booking

Events Booking is a Joomla events registration / events manager extension. It allows you to create, display events, handle registration, get paid from registrants via online payment gateways such as PayPal, Payfast & Paygate

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ACY Mailing

It is now illegal to bulk mail from mail clients like Outlook and companies that use this approach are being prosecuted right here in South Africa. But bulk mailing sites like Mailchimp and Graphic mail are just too expensive for the average business. ACY mailing is a globally recognized bulk mailing solution that meets the requirements of all the anti-spam laws and allows you to bulk-mail straight off your website – FREE. We install the Starter version. All you pay for is the installation and configuration time.


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Photographic Pro

This easy to use component is stylish and in demand. It provides a crisp and clean interface with a number of presentation options.

  • Good clean front end interface.
  • Photos pop up with a title and comments field.
  • Links to photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • No Photo software needed. When uploading your photos Photographic Pro will size and optimize them automatically.
  • Set up albums and galleries.
  • Easy Photo management in the back end of your website.
  • Plugin for inserting photos into articles
  • Right-click is disabled on photos
  • choose your album cover image


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Our unique Bulk SMS component works in conjunction with the Clickatell gateway making bulk sms much cheaper. Manage communication with your clients through bulk sms, offer specials, notify clients about competitions etc.

  • Send sms’s to individuals or lists
  • Create lists of users for specific purposes.
  • Purchase credits online through Clickatell. Available credits are indicated in the component
  • Synchronise users with Joomla client database and ACY Mailing subscribers.


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Preachit is the no.1 sermon manager for Joomla. Preachit was written for those who want flexibility and simplicity in a component to create and display multimedia for their church ministry. Multiple options, widespread media compatibility, a variety of coded templates and custom template builders make Preachit an ideal component for any website.

  • Unlimited Messages, series, teachers and ministry screens
  • Fully Skinnable – different look and feels available
  • Responsive design and layout
  • Multiple Mediaplayers
  • Upload audio, video, PowerPoints and Notes for view and / or download
  • Amazon S3, Vimeo and YouTube support
  • Vimeo support
  • iTunes compatible podcasts
  • Social bookmarks - AddThis
  • Blog like tags
  • Comments fields for feedback
  • Scripture links to Bible Gateway, Biblia.com and YouVersion – complies fully with Intellectual Property rights and copyright laws.
  • Search plugins
  • Admin tools
  • Stats screen
  • SEO optimised

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Copy of PreachIt

Solidres is an adaptable venue booking component. Run your entire booking system online through the back end of your website and allow potential clients to book online. Bookings can be provisional to give the opportunity to clients to still check out your venue before you confirm the booking.

  • Allows bookings on a calendar display system. People can book a venue and pay online or, for a more personal interaction they can make a provisional booking and you can follow up with your client.
  • Flexible tariff configuration - Allows for seasonal tariff changes for your venues.
  • Allow guest to register an account with your site while making reservation. This makes their details available for marketing tools like ACY Mailing and Bulk SMS.
  • Allows you to take venues out of service for periods when you need to renovate them etc.
  • Allows you to generate/download/email/preview invoices in backend as well as creates email's reservation PDF attachment (Can also be made into provisional invoices for follow up)
  • Provide a dashboard with report and statistics ability for your Solidres with nice charts.
  • Allows for discounts to be issued (on venue cost) for your booking system.
  • Adding of extras by the client is possible.
  • A nice and responsive slideshow with many effects to attract your guests.

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